Kona Megalaunch

This blog is going to be exceptionally in English in case some of our new friends from Kona happens to read this. 🙂

Last weekend we attended Kona Megalaunch in Austria, in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region. We got this amazing opportunity when Jarno from Kona invited us to come. Have to admit that we hesitated for a while because the timing wasn’t perfect for us. This week we are having our own MTB race, Saariselkä MTB Weekend, here in Saariselkä, and of cource there is a lot to be done before the race begins.

Anyway, we decided to go, and we are very very happy for that desision. 🙂 We also spotted a marathon race nearby Fiss where we were staying, and decided to participate even that one. Our journey started on Friday morning at 3am from Sodankylä, where Reima´s (childhood) home is. First by car to Rovaniemi, then flight to Münich via Helsinki, and finally by rental car to Fiss. Even thought the travelling went smoothly, it took us 12 hours to get from Sodankylä to Fiss.

On the first evening we had time to meet some new people from Kona, settle in the hotel, assemble our Kings, and take a short ride. After the dinner we didn´t have to wait for long to fall a sleep. 🙂

The first day riding on the Alps!


The race was ahead us already the next morning. There wasn´t really any sense competing on Saturday. Reima had been ill with a nasty cough and sinus infection already two weeks and I had an old foot injury. Besides that, 12 hours of travelling and too little of sleeping isn´t really the best way of preparing for a race. Anyway, we decided to participate because the race wasn´t far away, and we really like racing on the Alps.

The facilities in St. Anton were really good, the race area was in the center of the village on pedestrian street. The arrangements seem to be always amazing in Central-Europe. Can´t really compare it to anything in Finland. 🙂 The people weren´t really as nice and friendly as on Alpentour, but eventually we managed to get on the start line, without any warm up, thanks to the staff of the race.

Tiina after the race in St. Anton, happy after all.. 🙂

The start went well, Reima was on the front line and I was right behind the other ladies. On the first (10km) climb I realised that I had bad, bad, bad climbing legs. I mean really bad!! I saw Reima in the leading group and decided to keep up the good mood even though riding felt terrible. After about 7km I saw Reima waiting for me. The cough was so bad he couldn´t ride full speed with out coughing his lungs out. Luckily he could help me trough the race, and I ended up on the third place. Luckily the rest of the race wasn´t as bad as the beginning and we got to enjoy a little bit of the sceneries as well. 🙂 With the legs (and lungs) we had on Lavkarittet we believe we could have raced for the victories in both categories. However, it was nice to race on the Alps again. We´ll be back! 🙂 The Kings were of cource as amazing as ever on the Alps! They are just so fun to ride on the big climbs and descents!

The rest of the days we spent riding on the mountains and fancying the new 2015 bikes. The new bikes are just amazing! There were so many so nice bikes that we could just spend hours watching them! 😀 Jarno did a great job briefing us about the entire 2015 range. And what was the greatest thing, we could actually meet the people who have designed the bikes! And not only meet, we could talk with them face-to-face and really learn a great deal about the bikes! It was amazing to see how dedicated and passioned of their work the designers were!

The Racelight bikes! Nice!

The Jakes!

On Monday morning we took also some test rides on the new bikes. This kind of launch event is a great chance to get to try different bikes. Most of the dealers were interested in the new Process bikes so we took the chance to try the cyclocross bikes! We took a nice 1,5h tour on the gravel roads and really loved it. The Rove and the Major Jake were really enjoyable bikes! 🙂

On ride with the Rove!

Regardless of all the nice bikes, there were no questions which bikes got the most of our attention… 🙂 The King! And the Hei Hei Supreme! Jesus Christ how beautiful bikes! Actually, the entire race light series looked really nice! Also the Zings, Esattos, Jakes, HONZO, and Wo amongst others were just great! After a great deal of pondering we ended up ordering Kahunas and Honzos as rental bikes to the Nort Village, aaaaand something nice for ourselves as well. 🙂

The Hei Hei Supremes are coming home in May! Can´t wait!

Besides the bikes, even everything else was just amazing! (did I already say amazing??) The facilies, hotel, food, trails, and the people! Just amazing! After the Alpentour we wrote about how nice it was to meet Cory Wallace after the races and talk with him. After meeting the owners and staff of Kona we know where his joy of riding and warmth comes from. 🙂 The Kona people were so nice! The owners, managers, designers, and dealers were just amazing! It was nice to meet you all, we enjoyed ourselves! 🙂

Staff at hotel Natürlich did some art for us.. 😀

On Tuesday it was time to head back home. We started from Fiss at 5am and arrived at home 9pm. Today we have already been working hard for this weekend´s races. Everything is starting to be ready and we are already pretty exited about the weekend. 🙂

Ja niille, jotka ei ymmärrä Lontoon kieltä, lyhyt tiivistelmä Suomeksi. Viime viikonloppuna käytiin mutkat Itävallassa Kona 2015 malliston esittelytilaisuudessa. Olipahan huippureissu! Huippuja maisemia, huippuja pyöriä, huippuja ihmisiä ja mieletön tunnelma! Seuraavaksi Saariselkä MTB Weekend! 🙂

The view at 2240m above sea level! Got to love it!

And the Kings after climbimg to the top!






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